Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booooo to you

What would October be without some new Halloween decoration...especially one you make yourself....well, here's my new wall hanging "Boo" plaque.
Some wooden letters, acrylic paint, Prima Flowers, hand made flowers and of course BLING!!!
I'll be doing a YouTube video on how I made this soon....hope you check it out!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candy bowl or candle bowl?

If you guessed either one you would be's a candy dish or it's a candle new Halloween light for my table.
This was so fun and easy to make, I'll share with you the process.....

List of supplies:
1. glass fish bowl....I purchased mine at my local craft store.
2. Mod Podge
3. Orange acrylic paint in two to three different shades.
4. Yellow acrylic paint
5. White acrylic paint
6. Black Acrylic paint
7. compressed sponge. and cello sponge.
8. Acrylic paint brushes
9. Black Sharpie pen

I first washed the bowl in soapy water to remove any finger prints or residue.
Next I covered the outside with Mod Podge...this give the paint a tooth to grab on to otherwise the paint will chip right off. Once dry I took a cello sponge and cut a small square piece out of it. I proceeded to sponge the darkest orange acrylic paint on the outside. I covered most of it, let it dry and then proceeded to sponge on the remaining different orange paint, finishing with the lightest color....drying between each color.....very important, otherwise the next color will lift off the previous colors.
Set it aside and take the compressed sponge, cut out the shape of the eyes and you should have three shapes...large oval, smaller circle, a large triangle and a small triangle. You can paint these on freehand but it was faster and easier to do it this way. One dip into the paint and on the bowl and your done.
Dip the large oval in white paint for each eye. When dry, dip the small circle in black paint and place how you like in the white part of the eye. When that is dry, I used the end of one of my paint brushes for the white dot in the black of each eye.
Take the large triangle and dip into yellow paint and place on bowl. Than dip the small triangle in white for the two can refer to the picture for placements.
Once all this is dry, I outline the eyes, nose and teeth with the black sharpie and add the hash lines around the outside of the eyes, in the nose and the squiggly lines for the mouth.
Let dry completely and than cover it again with Mod Podge to seal it all in.
There you have it....any questions please leave a comment.