Friday, March 25, 2011

Special thoughs.....

This is a card I made for a special friend. Her two dogs had surgery last week.
One, had his leg amputated due to cancer and the other had his nose biopsied and they found out it's full of cancer as well.
I can't believe the number of stories I'm hearing lately of animals with cancer....what is wrong with this picture.

It breaks my heart that these lovable creatures have to hurt like this. They can't express how they feel so a lot of times they go undiagnosed until it's too late and their bodies are riddled with this horible disease.

Ok, I digress....the stamp set used is one from Joanns in their dollar bin. I colored in the stamped image with my Prisma pencils and then blended it with odorless mineral spirits.
I filled in the heart with Glossy Accents to give the heart a puffed look. When dried, I cut it out and popped it onto a layered piece of card stock. The rest you can figure out.
This dog stamp is so adorable ♥ it!

Pasa Chara♥

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Altered Journal, Recycling & little bits of more

House Guest

My girlfriend rescued a dog last night from getting hit on the freeway and since she has a Pit Bull puppy herself she brought him over to stay the night at our house. Look at that cute face....♥it!
It looked like someone just dropped him off...he has BIG paws and he's only a few months old....probably got too big too fast. What a shame cuz he's fixed and well behaved.
All he wants is to be loved on.
If we had a bigger place and I wasn't allergic to dog hair we'd keep him ourselves...but I already have my little princess, Shayla!
He went back to my girlfriends and now Shayla is whining and looking out the window for him...can't believe they bonded so quickly. I forgot to mention I named him Snoop Doggie Dog......smiling!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pasa Chara