Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Roses

Seems I have a rose bush that's blooming and here's a couple of them I picked this morning...what a way to start the day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New storage item

Hubby and I went thrift store shopping this weekend. I found this great metal stand.

It holds these glass bottles and I though it would be great to hold my embossing powders.

With a can of white spray paint I transformed it into this....

I didn't show the tops but what I did was punch out 1" white card stock circles and embossed each one with the EP in the bottle.
Honestly I was inspired by my trip to the Urban Barn....now I look at everything with shabby chic eyes....grin!

My big purchase

Thought I'd share my big purchase from the Urban Barn....I was good and only got a couple of things....one being this frog flower to hold my cards...love it!
This is a card I made for hubby to cheer him up...it's been so hectic moving and not having time to spend with each other.....it did the trick...it sits on his night stand....aw!

Come see what I found....

Went with a girlfriend last week to this place here in town.....I fell in love with all it's wonderful shabby chic decor....come on take a stroll with me!

I never thought of myself as a chandelier gal but after seeing some of the ones here I'm on the hunt to make one over....now wouldn't that look nice hanging in my art room.

Check out these little shakers....now wouldn't some nice sparkly glitter look yummy in them!

Check out these storage units....they would be great in any art room and look their already pink!

Ok, now wouldn't you just love to have this Gypsy wagon...oh the possibilities!

Now this is the mother ship of chandeliers....so elegant and huge!

I fell in love with this birdcage.....how cute or creepy!

Everything in this picture caught my eye....the vanity, the wire dress form.

I call this the timeout cage....check out the little chair inside...too cute and it's huge....you could put a child in there....heehee!
This caught my eye and hubby's when I took him there...can you imagine someone taking the time to attach all those shells on that hutch.....not me!

Another find I fell in love with.....that mermaid would look good in my bathroom!
This picture doesn't do it justice...the colors are so vibrant and she's so vintage looking!

Lots of doll heads with crowns of course.

Shabby chic looking!

Another nice set up...

Well....here we are at the end of our stroll....I hope you enjoyed it and got lots of ideas...I know I did!

New Home

We couldn't take our little baby with us in the move....it was hard to give her up since we raised her from a tiny little pup....but the Lord found her a wonderful home and we are very happy.

She lives with a very nice family who lover her so much and she has three kids with a bid yard and other dogs to play with. Turns out she is the little girls dog and she sleeps with her in her room and they are best buds....love it. Maybe she will be able to put pink bows in her hair....something Mr B wouldn't let me do.
We miss her but knowing Shayla is in a loving home makes it OK!