Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm a Gypsie...

I had to blog about my disappointment turned into a blessing...
I'm in a Rolodex page swap on YouTube and the hostess showed the punch below from 7gypsies that can be used for the pages as well as with other die shapes.
So I went and purchased it from my local Aaron Brothers, as they were the only place that carried them. When I went to use it to punch regular card wouldn't work. I took it back and even the guy at Aaron Brothers had a hard he replaced that one.
When I went to use the new one on the card stock was had to punch and when it did it buckled and creased the paper.....NOT very nice looking.
Ii thought oh no what am I going to do now...this wasn't the kind of work I would want to receive or put my name to so I emailed 7gypsies!

After a couple of emails back and forth with a sweet Customer Service gal named Sierra, they were more than willing to help me out with the situation.
She sent me an email stating that they were sending me their "Border Punch Kit". I had no idea what it was but hoped it would help in this problem.
Well, I received the package a couple of days later and to my surprise this is what she sent.

I was blown away when I opened the package....this was way more than I expected. If you look in the lower left side of the package there is the punch I need and it works wonderful.
Plus, I have all these extra punches to play with now.......sweet!

Thank you 7gypsies for your help and more than generous gift....I was just hoping to get the hand held punch replaced with one that worked but this went way beyond and a special BIG Thank You to Sierra for the excellent Customer Service I received.

You don't find customer service like this anymore.....and that's how I became a gypsie...♥it!

Pasa Chara♥