Monday, August 29, 2011

Another New Storage for Spellbinder Dies

Below is another new storage idea I came up with a couple of weeks ago...just got around to putting labels on them this morning.
I purchased some of the magnetic sheeting for vent covers at Lowes and cut them to fit inside a clear pencil pouch.
The pouches came from Office Depot. They were a back to school special a couple of weeks ago...5 cents each limit 5 at a since hubby worked there he picked me up 5 a day all week......good scrubby!

I love this idea for a few reasons.....they are protected in the pouch, you can fit two per pouch depending on the size of the die....I do have a few that on has one die in them and if your going on a crop you can just take the pouch(s) you need instead of the whole binder.
I have a piece of white card stock behind the pouch below for a better idea as to what it looks like.
Thanks for taking a peak.


New Stamp Storage

Below are pictures of a new stamp storage system that was inspired by Michelle Criswell at Scrappin with my bug she has a video tutorial too.
You can see from the picture below that they are CD/DVD pouches from Office Depot.
They come 10 in a pack for about $8.00 and there's two pouches on each sheet.....this will hold 40 sets of stamps.
I just got these on Friday and still need to label each stamp set if applicable.
Also, you can see from the first picture that I used velcro dots to keep each flap closed. These are the thin ones that I use in minis.....not so bulky.

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to use this yourself.
Thanks again Michelle for the great idea.