Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fun Day With Hubby

 Friday was hubby's day off so like always we had a lot of things to get we ordered a new washer....ours took a dump. It'll be delivered on Monday and bonus, they take the old one away for free....yeah!
After that we went to lunch at Panera's  for lunch and then I surprised him and took him over to this place for a treat.....we celebrated his 1st rebirthday on the 3rd and since he worked that day I took him Friday. You see it was a year ago on the 3rd that my wonderful hubby had a heart attack and died in my arms....God was so merciful to give him back to me!
This place is called "CBS Cupcakes" in San Marcos. The owner is a sweet lady that's in my card club.
Her place is so darn cute I had to share...who wouldn't love this cotton candy machine for themselves? Check out the metal carriage in the lower right!

 Don't you just love this dog house....she even makes doggie cupcakes!
 Here's a closeup of the metal carriage.......I sure would love one of these....oh the things I could fancy this up with!
 Ok so the good stuff...I know it's all good but the yummy stuff...first you pick the flavor cupcake you want, then you pick your frosting and then you pick your topping....this was hubby's...chocolate all the way.
 Mine was a toss up between key line or red velvet....key lime won...frosting was key lime and pink sugar was so good but way toooo rich for me!  Next time a mini one will do me just!

 Well, we needed the sugar high so we could take down all the Christmas decorations awaiting us at home...:-D