Sunday, March 20, 2011

House Guest

My girlfriend rescued a dog last night from getting hit on the freeway and since she has a Pit Bull puppy herself she brought him over to stay the night at our house. Look at that cute face....♥it!
It looked like someone just dropped him off...he has BIG paws and he's only a few months old....probably got too big too fast. What a shame cuz he's fixed and well behaved.
All he wants is to be loved on.
If we had a bigger place and I wasn't allergic to dog hair we'd keep him ourselves...but I already have my little princess, Shayla!
He went back to my girlfriends and now Shayla is whining and looking out the window for him...can't believe they bonded so quickly. I forgot to mention I named him Snoop Doggie Dog......smiling!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pasa Chara

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Julia said...

he's adorable! I love black labs, if I didn't have a 1 dog limit on my lease I would drive down and get him! Darn rental life.