Friday, August 12, 2011

Finished mini album

Here is the mini album I've been working on for the past few weeks.
I'm thrilled it turned out so nice. This is only my 3rd one but the first one to put the pictures in myself.
This is a birthday gift for my friend's granddaughter. It's all about her and her people as she calls!
This is a paper bag mini and I used the medium size pink paper bags from Michael's.
I only used 10 out of the dozen in the pack and it holds almost 100 photos

The cover is two pieces of medium chipboard painted and covered with pretty pattern paper.
The binding is a piece of light weight canvas sprayed with my homemade shimmer paints.
The letters are dimensional stickers I purchased form my LCS as well as the bling in the left hand corner. The flower is one of mine I's in two different purples with a pink jewel in the middle.

This is a top view of the total you can see it's not very thick and it lays fairly flat so I didn't need a closure for it.

Each page has a full picture on it and the center picket has a couple of picture tags as well, except for this has a little mini according fold booklet that you can see below.
Each pocket (bag) has at least 4 photo tabbed mats in them, except for one section which has twice as many in each pocket. The embellishments are kept simple and mostly on the tabs to keep bulk down
This is one side of the mini booklet...there were quite a few pics left with just her in them and so I decided to punch each out using my 1 1/2" scalloped punch, than I ran them through my Xyron sticker worked out great. I placed some sentiment stickers on each page with the pics for an added touch.
I kept this booklet very simple as well...I needed to keep the bulk down.
The birthday party is this Saturday and proud grandma is very excited to give this to her little one♥

Pasa Chara♥


Chrys said...

Love it!

Noel said...

Thanks Chrys♥

"The Jule Box" said...

Oh wow! There seems to be tons of room for pics huh? You did a great job...of course they loved it!! Oh the baby pics are the cutest!! Great job:) Jules

Noel said...

Thanks Jules...I was amazed as how many pics were in there...:-D

Jessica said...

Noel, this is wonderful, wish I could make one. Do u have instructions somewhere? Beautiful!!!