Monday, September 26, 2011

We moved all the big stuff this weekend...I tweekend my back.....not good but as I always say "Ah suck up and deal with it"....ahaahahaha....that's what I'm doing.
We had to give our little Shayla a new home and from what I hear she's doing just fine.
She has three kids to play with and a neighborhood full of playmates too!
I got an email from her new mama saying that she is exhausted from all the playing....that's a good it!
Well, hope to be back online soon...have to come back to the old house to get on the internet...I can't wait to start doing videos again....I miss everyone.


jan said...

Noel, what is going on I am so worried about you and John and I can do nothing about it. You had to give Shayla away!!!! OMG.

Noel said...

Hi's been a very long couple of months! Thank you for stopping by and sending me your means a lot to me. Yes, we had to find Shayla another home....she is dong well and loves her new family...we miss her but she's got three times as much love and that's a good goes on!
Love and Hugs