Monday, October 17, 2011

Come see what I found....

Went with a girlfriend last week to this place here in town.....I fell in love with all it's wonderful shabby chic decor....come on take a stroll with me!

I never thought of myself as a chandelier gal but after seeing some of the ones here I'm on the hunt to make one wouldn't that look nice hanging in my art room.

Check out these little wouldn't some nice sparkly glitter look yummy in them!

Check out these storage units....they would be great in any art room and look their already pink!

Ok, now wouldn't you just love to have this Gypsy wagon...oh the possibilities!

Now this is the mother ship of elegant and huge!

I fell in love with this cute or creepy!

Everything in this picture caught my eye....the vanity, the wire dress form.

I call this the timeout cage....check out the little chair inside...too cute and it's could put a child in there....heehee!
This caught my eye and hubby's when I took him there...can you imagine someone taking the time to attach all those shells on that hutch.....not me!

Another find I fell in love with.....that mermaid would look good in my bathroom!
This picture doesn't do it justice...the colors are so vibrant and she's so vintage looking!

Lots of doll heads with crowns of course.

Shabby chic looking!

Another nice set up... we are at the end of our stroll....I hope you enjoyed it and got lots of ideas...I know I did!


V said...

oh how i wish we had stores like that here in my area!! i think i need every single thing you took a picture of. LOL! thanks for sharing and the inspiration

Noel said...

It was had for me to resist myself...I wish I had the room to house some of these beauties....I'm glad you enjoyed the stroll!
Hugs Noel

Noel said...

Hey V...I tried to leave a comment on your blog but an add pop-up prevents me from seeing the word to type to post....:-(