Friday, November 18, 2011

Here they are....

Here are the fabric pumpkins I made for our dinner party tonight....they are both made from upholstery samples that I've had for awhile....nice way to use them up.
The top pumpkin, I used a vintage looking floral pattern and a greenish blue suede fabric. I hot glued a green beaded trim I received from a dear friend, Linda from YT and silk leaves with some silk flowers.....I added some glitter glue in gold around the bottom silk flower.
It really doesn't show up in this picture.
With this pumpkin I used three different plaid samples and the stem I used a green suede sample. The trim is a red fringe type I purchased at Joann's. The leaves are a fall color and I hot glued a warm white silk flower on top.
The square piece of quilted fabric under the pumpkin was made by my friend Janet...she's a wonderful quilter and if you get a chance go check out her blog.

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