Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Sharing

I wanted to share something I read this morning during my devotion's my hearts desire to spread the wonderful Word of the Lord and my prayer is that it my touch your heart and bless you as it has mine.....

Give Me
God, give me eyes that I might see
The work that can be done by me;
God, give me ears that I might hear
The cry of those who need me near.
God, give me lips that I might speak
Comfort and peace to all who seek;
God, give me a mind that I might know
How to help those who need me so.
God, give me hands that I might do 
Some large or simple task for You;
God, give me a prayer that I might pray 
Thy help and guidance every day.
And this one thing, all else above;
God, give me a heart that I may love.

Have a blessed day!

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