Friday, October 1, 2010

What a day...

Yesterday was full of rain, thunder & lightening....much needed after the 100+ temps we've had the past week!
I tried to do a video for YouTube on my "Paris" tag...worked great, the lighting was great but when I went to load it on my was no good...I mean the SD card was no good...I guess they do go! I changed out the card for a 1G and did it but the lighting was dark....just couldn't win...can't wait to get another digital camera....and suggestions?
Hubby was so wonderful, after talking to him on his lunch hour be bought me a brand new 4G card for my sweet is that...I ♥ you honey!

I did find out that my local Joanns store, as little as it is, now carries the Spellbinders Nestabilities dies.....I so did the happy feet dance. Hubby couldn't wait to tell me when he got home from work.

Ok, maybe I should explain, Bryan works part time at Joanns, stocking a couple days a week, nice cuz I still get the discount and his full time job is with Office Depot. If he had it his way he would work full time at Joanns....just waiting on the right offer!!!!
Well, that's it for now...I'll be back soon!

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