Thursday, November 4, 2010

Michaels surprise....

I went into Michaels this morning to return one of the Halloween MS punches I bought last night, their 50% off and they changed their Christmas display around so I took a look at what was new and tadaa there were these packages of Smooch Spritz by Donna Salazar.....I'm excited, now I can try them out....just from the ride home they got all mixed up and they look woooooonderfulllllllll!!!!! The colors are Cherry Ice, Emerald Sprinkle, Vanilla Shimmer and Gold Glow.
They also carry the Smooch that looks like nail polish.



Maggie R said...

Thanks Noel

The Vintage Key said...

Thanks for the comments on our mini Top Hats. My sister and I made these and we hot gluded them on headbands. I will post close up pics of the hats as soon as I can.
Thanks again for visiting.
Laura De La Rosa