Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CC Creations....

I joined a card club with a great bunch of gals...we meet every month on the 1st Thursday of the month. We create 2 cards and learn a new technique each class. It's all beginner stuff but it's a night out and we have fun.
Here are the two newest creations we did and our technique was paper piercing and using embroidery floss...not my style...
The "Tea" card is a tea or chocolate holder. Makes a great teacher gift or a quick "I'm thinking of you" gift.
This one is...oh darn I forgot what she called....anyways you pull it on the sides and a little pop-up comes out the top with a saying on it...oh I remember it's called the "Z" card...what ever that!
Sorry this is not a better shot of the inside of the tea card but you can see that the center insert hold a couple of tea bags or it can hole a Ghirardelli chocolate square...yummm!

You know I use to be a great photographer with a 35mm but I stink with the digital. I could do all sorts of photo manipulation with the 35 but not with this digital...oh well times have changed and it is what it is!

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