Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beverly Hills trip....

On May 4th hubby and I celebrated our 15 anniversary....woo hoo♥ it.
My girlfriend gave us a gift certificate for a free nights stay at the Beverly Hills Hilton so we went up there on Thursday....we had a great time. Below, is the view of the fountain just below our room.
This is the side entrance into the hotel.....this pic doesn't do it justice...the smells were so intoxicating with the Jasmine in full bloom and the other tropical nostrils hurt from all the deep breathing I did trying to soak it all

This is the sunset from our balcony......

The next couple of pics are of permanent house guests of the hotel.....I couldn't believe how clear these pictures turned out....a good photographer waits and shoots many pictures until they get that right one....this lion fish was mine...♥

This guy was not happy with me...I was determined to get his picture....he's giving me the!

We got there early so we went to Century City and did some people's a big outdoors shopping mall and they had a huge out side Farmers Market...both Bryan and I had our first Falafels....have to try and make some at home...they were tasty!

Pasa Chara♥

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