Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebrety watch.....

We love to people watch so this trip was no exception.....Beverly Hills has quite a diverse sea of characters....interesting.
When we arrived Vanessa checked us in and said if we wanted to wait an hour and half she would upgrade our room from 200.00+ to a 400.00+ room at no extra brainer...yeah.
So she had a driver take us to Century City to shop....I'm NOT a shopper, but we did people watch...the first place we happened to come across is my favorite I could do some damage in!

We had a wonderful romantic dinner at a place on Santa Monica called "Silk"....Thai Cuisine.
We decided to go for a walk and came across this street.....hmmmmm wonder who lives down there????

So, as we're walking down Wilshire Blvd. we came to this street....Rodeo Dive
Fitting sculpture for such a place....need I say more.

Go figure it's only 6pm and there is now one open or on the street....

Hubby did some Mother's Day shopping while we were there....I picked the bracelet above the!
Well it's the thought that counts...hehe♥

Ok, so we head back to the hotel and there is all this commotion going on as I walk by the front doors and this is what it's all about.....standing right outside is Charlie Sheen...he was here for a red carpet event....

I have no idea who this gal is but she was on the red carpet too...

You can see Extra, ET and Access Hollywood all trying to get an interview in this small 4x10 area....funny that's all any red carpet is.

We did however get the scoop when we checked out that Price William and Kate will be staying at the same hotel when they come to America this summer.

Pasa Chara♥


Chrys said...

Room upgrades are the best! Sounds like you have a great anniversary-Happy Anniversary!!!

Noel said...

Thanks, we had a great time!