Monday, June 13, 2011

Heart Set on Pilgrimage...Psalm 84:5

I was gifted by a dear friend Penny, with a ticket to attend the "Woman's Retreat" the weekend of June 3rd. What a beautiful weekend full of blessings. Our speaker was Jeanie Alfred, what a sweet woman and boy can she give a powerful message...I know not one woman went home on Sunday the same as they arrived on Friday!
Our Theme was "Heart Set On Pilgrimage" from Psalm 84:5

Below is a table of ladies having breakfast and enjoying each others company.

Here is our speaker Jeanie....I just ♥ her!

Below is one of the centerpieces a shadowbox that was set on each table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the ladies in my card club made them.....she did a beautiful job.

Now the rest of the pictures are taken on grounds of the Bible College where our retreat was held. The first is along the path we walked from our dorm rooms to the dining and meeting hall, it's a waterfall with the Calvary Dove done in mosaic tiles.....beautiful!

This place is built on natural hot springs and they're all along the walk way...there is also a huge mineral spa that we took advantage all weekend.

Ok this is my favorite...can you see Rock Man as I call out he's sticking out his tongue at!

Below is my BFF Dalana and roomie for the weekend with Judy another sweet sister in Christ.

This picture is what we see outside out dorm....not too shabby. All along the path are alcoves to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery....on our Saturday break I took some of my paper punches, card stock and made flowers while enjoying the view.
Just to show you it is a bible who wouldn't want to attend this college. The students that live up here while taking classes, were the ones who took care of us...they were so sweet and they worked hard to make our weekend a pleasant one.

Found this hidden garden and walkway with this amazing waterfall and beautiful roses!

One final look down the path that we walked all weekend....

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, they usually go in July when the temps are in the 100's but this was earlier and just perfect.

Pasa Chara♥

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Jessica said...

Hi, I found your blog searching for comments on psalm 84:5 interesting the day of your posts was my birthday, but anyway could you share with me a little more about what was shared about pilgrimage. Surely you are busy, but if the lord guides you to share a bit I would be so grateful. On my way to check your blog, I love stamping!! So up to check if you post some art! Blessings, Jessica. My email is and my blog is rememberj