Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration....

 This beauty was inspired from Pinterest.
The blog the original pic was from is called 
Uniquely Ella. Go check her out.
 I found this gumball machine at Goodwill this morning...the original color would not do. Ella did her's in a vintage pink, tho I considered that color decided on the gloss black.
 The buttons are all from my mom's collection that I inherited when she passed away. I use to play for hours on end with them when I was a child, so they hold very warm memories for me.
 I added flat back pearls in an off white around the top, some black beaded trim around the glass base and some Recollections bling on the front and sides.
I think my mom would like how I've displayed her collection.


jan said...

Gorgeous, well done, it is just lovely.

Noel said...

Your so sweet....thanks!