Monday, May 21, 2012

Swap Mini Album

 Thought I'd share the mini album I received from a swap that I was in on FaceBook.
Sorry for the black dot on the left but I'm still using my pirate!
This camera still takes the best pictures!
 The mini is created using only one sheet of 12x12 double sided paper.
 The way you score, cut and fold is how you make the four pocket mini.
 It's quite simple...but as always it's the embellishing that takes the most time. 
My partner Deb, did a great job on the mini and all the wonderful tags inside.
I'll post pics of the one I made as soon as she receives hers. We mailed them the same day but she hasn't received hers yet. I stuffed the envelope full of goodies so I hope she receives.....probably shouldn't have done that seeing it was going to British Columbia....I just hate to think that someone would take the package but I hear it all the time when I go to the post office of packages being lost for no apparent reason even when there's tracking on it. 

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debmuc said...

So glad you liked it Noel - Twas my first swap!